Chinese homemade recipes Fried lotus root box


A dish golden color, crisp outside and tender, delicious taste.
raw material
Lotus 400 grams, 150 grams of pork mud, water, Hai Mijia 20 grams, water fungus Gac. 5 grams diced green onion, ginger 3 grams, 3 grams of salt, MSG 1 gram, 30 grams of soy sauce, cooking wine 5 grams, 100 grams of dry flour, 2 eggs, 100 grams of water, starch, vegetable oil 750 grams (actual consumption of 50 grams).
1. Wash the lotus root, scrape the skin, then the top 0.2 cm thick knife, twice in one off the hinges; the end of the fungus, dried shrimps, chopped; people will mess put a bowl, add mushrooms, dried shrimps not end of soy sauce, salt, MSG, cooking wine, ginger, water, starch, stir into the stuffing; water, starch, flour, egg custard and mix thoroughly fulfill; the hinge-shaped lotus root folder one by one on meat, covered with an outer layer of whole eggs paste.
2. Wok stir, pour vegetable oil, put people Guahu lotus box till the Liucheng hot, fry until pale yellow fish, oil temperature rose to Qicheng hot, add one lotus remove the cartridge re-fry until golden, transfer to a plate after Absolute control.
Chinese homemade Fried lotus root box should not be too much, so lotus root fracture; master oil temperature, oil temperature too easy to fry paste.

Chinese homemade recipes Ginseng carrot soup practice

Ginseng carrot soup practice

Chinese homemade recipes Ginseng carrot soup

Soft and delicious radish with ginseng soup, thicken the sauce pure taste, having complement the fine Qi of the effect, particularly suitable for the elderly to eat.
raw material
Ginseng 5 grams, radish 300 grams, 75 grams of water, fat scallops, bamboo shoots 25 grams, 25 grams water, mushrooms, ginger 10 grams, 5 grams of salt, MSG 1 gram, 10 grams of cooking wine, sesame oil 2 grams, 500 grams of vegetable oil (actual consumption of 30 grams).
1. The Ginseng release small bowl, add water, steamed person plus minutes out: radish slashing the skin wash, cut into pieces; bamboo shoots cut into rectangular pieces; mushrooms to handle.
2. wok set over medium heat, add vegetable oil, carrots release when burning troughs twelve hot, deep-fried fish Absolute control after i scrub clean wok, add 750 grams of water, fried radish, scallops, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, ginseng slices and steamed ginseng juice, after boiling, add salt, MSG, cooking wine, ginger, till the raw tasty, people poured sesame oil, stir, pot soup containing more people.
Fried radish oil should not be too high; steamed ginseng juice must be added to the soup.

Roast meat radish

Carrot and meat with the burning, delicious, bright color.
Raw material
Radish 500 grams, 100 grams of pork, two green garlic, diced green onion 5 grams, ginger 3 grams, 4 grams of salt, MSG 1 gram, 20 grams of soy sauce, vinegar 3 g, 3 g sugar, 5 grams of cooking wine, sesame oil 3 grams, 30 grams of vegetable oil.
1. Wash the radish cut into rolling ingot; green garlic cut into inch segment; pork cut into pieces.
2. Wok stir, add vegetable oil, release when burning troughs twelve hot meat fried compiled to when white flesh, the late addition of cannon ginger pot, with people cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, salt radish block and the amount of water, use small fire to boil, until the raw material tasty, add MSG, green garlic, topped with sesame oil can.
When you want to switch to small fire burning to prevent the paste pot.

Celery Pork

This dish taste salty, fresh and crisp, easy to make.
Raw material
Tender celery 400 grams, 100 grams of pork, onion 5 grams, ginger 3 grams, 4 grams of salt, MSG 1 gram, 15 grams of soy sauce, cooking wine 5 grams, 30 grams of vegetable oil.
1. The tender celery choose clean, cut into 4 cm segments; pork cut into 5 cm of filaments.
2. Wok stir; added vegetable oil, add pork fried fan when burning troughs twelve hot, to white at the mere mention of pork, add onion ginger silk stir fry it, then cooked into the cooking wine, soy sauce release , followed by the addition of celery, salt, stir fry until broken health celery, add MSG, stir fry dish can be.
Wang rushed fry method using, celery off students can be, not fried old.

Mixed lettuce

Making this dish is simple, lettuce crisp and refreshing, rich sauce. Raw material Lettuce 400 grams, minced garlic 5 g, 50 g sauce, monosodium glutamate 1 gram, sesame oil 20 grams. Manufacture 1. The roots and old leaves pluck lettuce, washed and cut into 3 cm square water control sheet. 2. wok set the fire, add sesame oil, add sauce and stir-fry burning Zhi Sicheng hot, add garlic, MSG, water, concentrated flavor when Stir to juice after boiling pot, let cool after pouring in lettuce leaves, mix well when eating. Highlights When cooking fry sauce should disseminate light, to emit a rich sauce flavor; the sauce should not be too thick.

Sesame cabbage

This cabbage is simple, fresh spinach, sesame crisp, salty sour taste. Raw material Spinach 400 grams, sesame 20 grams, five grams minced garlic, vinegar 20 grams, 10 grams of soy sauce, salt, 3 grams of MSG 1 gram, sesame oil 3 grams. Manufacture 1. Choose clean the spinach, cut into 5 cm long segment, put in boiling water a little hot fish out, into the cold water too cold, remove and drain water. 2. wok set a small fire, add sesame seeds, fry loose, remove when golden brown and crisp fragrance. The spinach into the pan, add salt, MSG, vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, minced garlic and mix well, then sprinkle on the table saute sesame seeds and mix well. Highlights Fry over low heat slow approach when fried sesame; sesame seeds on the table and then thrown into the dishes can not be thrown into premature.

Tri-color of spinach



This dish is red, yellow, white and red, beautiful, taste salty and sour.
Raw materials
Spinach 300 grams, 100 grams of water soaked vermicelli, dried shrimps 50 grams, egg 2, salt
3 grams, 1 grams of MSG, 5 grams of garlic, 10 grams of vinegar, sesame oil 5 grams, 20 grams of vegetable oil.
1 spinach choose clean, cut into 5 cm long segment, put a little hot boiling water,
Remove and put the squeeze the water off in cold water, cold water; fans cut into 10 cm long segment:
Egg into the bowl, add a little salt and stir well.
2, in a skillet, add oil, burning hot mix up to 50% of the chicken
Eggs into the pot, and then hand to turn the pot, let the egg in the pot out. Spreading power
The egg skin, stripped and slightly fry the other side, put out the board shred. Spinach, powder
Silk; egg crepe, vinegar, salt, garlic, monosodium glutamate, sesame smoke with put pot mix evenly, Sheng
Dish, sprinkle on the water dried shrimps.
Main points
To blanch spinach juice squeezing; hand rotating pan when the speed is moderate, the egg
Skin integrity, uniform thickness.

YuLan liver waist

Amount of material and

750 g Chinese broccoli, fresh liver 200 g a only about 300 grams of pork loin, garlic, ginger, cornstarch, salt, sugar, a little.

Make and description

Each broccoli, tender, take a drop of boiling water (oil) Blanch to green, picked up the cold water.
(2) pig’s liver cut large: cut pork loin on both sides, ribs, cut the pineapple pattern, cut
And, mixed with pork liver, corn flour, salt, sugar, mix swelling under the adjusted later, put cooked in boiling oil foam. Adjustable
Half a bowl of sauce.
(3) heat oil in a wok, stir-fry broccoli, wok fried Magnolia liver Braised waist again.

Fried cabbage with ham



This dish is clear, red and green, salty crisp.
Raw materials
Iceberg Lai 300 grams, 100 grams of ham, onion 5 grams, 3 grams of ginger, pepper 10, 4 grams of salt, monosodium glutamate 1 grams, 5 grams of cooking wine, sesame oil 3 grams, 30 grams of vegetable oil.
1 cut the cabbage into diamond pieces; cut into 3 cm long, 2 cm wide.
2 wok set stir, add vegetable oil, burning troughs twelve months into the peppercorns, fry out fragrance, remove, add sliced ham slightly arranges fries, add onion ginger, cooking into the cooking wine, followed by adding the cabbage, salt, to iceberg Lai broken health, adding MSG, topped with sesame oil over fry evenly.
Acid fried cabbage
This dish is green, Levin quality crisp, salty sour mellow, refreshing fragrance.
Raw materials
Cabbage 500 grams, 5 grams of onion, ginger and 3 grams, 3 grams of garlic, 4 grams of salt, MSG 1:8, 5 grams of soy sauce, vinegar 20 grams, 5 grams of cooking wine, water, starch 20 grams, 3 grams of sesame oil, vegetable oil 40 grams.
1 cabbage washed and cut into diamond shaped pieces, a little hot fish out into the boiling water, put cold water too cold.
2. Wildfire Nabe Mi, adds the vegetable oil, burn to 50% heat add onion ginger and garlic cook in soy pot and boil vinegar, cooking wine, then add soy sauce, salt, cabbage stir fry broken health. Add MSG, water starch thicken, pour sesame oil pan can be.
Main points
Frying should be used to keep Wang rushed fried, crisp cabbage.

Spinach soup white gold hook



This soup, bright color, delicious soup, appetizer Shengjin, rich nutrition.
Raw materials
150 grams of spinach, tofu 200 grams, 50 grams of water fat dried shrimps, onion 3 grams, ginger
3 grams, 5 grams of salt, MSG 2 grams, 5 grams of cooking wine, sesame oil 3 grams, 30 grams of vegetable oil.
1 will be selected to wash the spinach clean cut into 3 cm long segment, and then put in boiling water
A little hot, remove and put in cold water too cold; tofu cut into 3 cm, 1 cm wide
The dried shrimps wash water.
2 each on a wok, add vegetable oil, burn to 50% heat put onion ginger
Qiang pan, cook people cooking wine, add water, spinach, tofu, dried shrimps, salt, MSG, soup to boil
After, skim floating foam, pour sesame oil can be.
Main points
The spinach after cool boiled water, to remove the smell; the noodles floating net charge, to
Keep the soup clean and beautiful.